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Copacabana Grill began serving its unique Brazilian BBQ in Queens, NY in April of 2003.

The founder Jose Bezerra decided on the name Copacabana in order to honor one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This is a name that instantly brings you to Brazil.

All that come to Copacabana Grill will get a taste of what it is like to be in Brazil!
Serving the best of Brazilian cuisine along with perfectly grilled Brazilian cuts of BBQ at an affordable price.

Copacabana will easily become your daily place to eat!


Looking for catering services for your business meeting, birthay party or private event?
With our varied menu, you can place your order easily and worry-free.

You plan the party and we’ll bring the food! We will work together to make a perfect menu that works for you and your party.

Choose from our rotating menu and various meats, salads, and desserts and your party will be a hit!
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